Human Resources

A leading-edge HR system for process management, tracking employee data and informed decision-making.

■  HR data all in a unified database
■  Use analytics to visualize your data
■  Effective and intuitive position control
■  Instantaneous salary and benefit computations
■  Paperless document workflow
■  Fully-automated payroll computations

Unified Database 

Unify your data and manage its complexity to ensure
clear and consistent insights.

Position Management 

Manage every position by job, location, function, subject and allocated FTE.
Then assign employees to positions.

Analysis & Reports 

Generate elegant reports for
analysis and management
with easy-to-use report writers.

Employee Information 

Easily maintain up-to-date employee contacts, classes, certifications, demographics and notifications.

Salary Computation 

Formula-driven salary and benefits computations are performed instantly for budget and payroll.

Negotiations Support  

Cost out negotiation proposals
to provide accurate information
to negotiating teams.

Credentials Tracking 

Analytic manages credentials updating and provides credential-subject validation for assignments.

Employee Collaboration 

Bring employees into the loop and provide them access to validate and update their personal data.

Management Collaboration 

Define the district's management structure used for providing essential information to managers.

Document Workflow 

Generate and manage employee contracts, notices and evaluation documents from start to finish.

Process Management 

Policy-driven processes execute HR management tasks accurately, reliably and on schedule.

Payroll Computation 

Calculations are driven from the
HR database with
with no data entry.