Employee Information

Employee Information is systematically maintained to be Accurate and Up-to-date

Accurate Information

Maintain accurate and complete employee data and avoid the risks associated with out-of-date or missing information.

Employee Collaboration

Employees can collaborate in keeping their data up-to-date and complete by giving them web portal access to their information.

Up-to-date Certifications

Class units, degrees, certifications and training records must be up-to-date for accurate salary computation and assignment validity.


Eliminate inaccurate or incomplete employee information
which can result in serious mistakes and risk exposure.

Tiimely Notifications

Notifications alert employees on a clear and timely basis with reminders that a certificate or document needs to be renewed.

Rollover Data

Coded policies define management processes that automatically roll over employee data elements such as salary steps and service years.

Essential Information

Unify all essential information such as contacts, certifications and demographics in one database for accuracy and analytics.