Budgeting & Planning

Budgeting is a Strategic Planning tool, not an effort to just match Actuals

Top-Down Planning

Analytic budgeting starts from the top down with development of
multi-year revenue, staffing
and other expense assumptions
that support district objectives.

Budget Structure

Organize the expense budget structure around the non-overlapping elements of salaries, benefits, and services. Then develop it school by school
and program by program.

Zero-based Budgets

Analytic budgeting is zero-based and built around strategic assumptions. The days of rolling over last year's budget and applying endless adjustments are over.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning and Structured Budgeting is essential
for the achievement of district goals and objectives.

Budgeting not Accounting

Old school budgeting trys to make the budget match the actuals.
This is not planning but applying accounting to the budget process.

What-if Propositions

Management often says "If we do this, what is the cost?" With Analytic, easily create a budget model and compare the alternatives.


Creating multiple budget models, changing assumptions and recomputing the model is
lightning-fast in Analytic.