About Analytic


Highly experienced and qualified in Software Development,
School Finance and Human Resources.

Richard Wilmuth
Founder and CEO

Richard's unique combination of understanding school financial and HR systems and his extensive experience in software development has been instrumental in creating Analytic's Software for Schools.

BS & MS UC Berkeley,
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
PhD Stanford,
Operations Research,
Management Science and Engineering

Duy Lam
Director of Software

Duy is the architect and builder of Analytic's Software for Schools, a sophisticated, high-performance application including an extensive collection of proprietary and powerful technologies.

BS UC Berkeley, MS UCLA,
Computer Science



Extensive experience in developing leading-edge school software
for Financials and Human Resources.

Leading-Edge Software

Analytic develops truly leading-edge financial and human resource software for schools. Analytic's education and experience in mathematics, computer science, analytics and management science is a powerful basis for developing our software. Analytic's solution is delivered from the Google cloud.

School District Experience

We have over 30 years of experience working with school districts providing expertise and systems for Finance and HR, including labor negotiations. We have developed multi-year budgets in a multitude of districts including many in financial crisis. Our extensive experience gives Analytic unmatched knowledge to determine what schools need !



Expert Consulting in Budget Development,
Human Resources and Negotiation Support.

Human Resources

Analytic's HR software is very intuitive and a district can get set up without expert help. Our HR consultants have years of experience running school HR departments using Analytic software. Employing one of our experts for an initial assignment can start your district on the right track. They will help you define the best management processes and obtain the maximum from your valuable data using Analytic's tools.

Budgeting & Negotiations

Analytic's budgeting software is designed to support a structured budgeting process. Our consultants have worked extensively for school districts using Analytic's tools. These experts can turn "old school budgeting by accounting" into a zero-based, structured process that can make yours a better district. These consultants can help turn your negotiations process into one of collaboration, trust and success.